Mapp Empower API Guide

Mapp's application programming interface enables its clients to directly access powerful features of Mapp Empower via system-to-system integration. To learn how to integrate with the Mapp Empower platform, read the information within the Implementation section of this guide beginning with Introduction to Our API. Once you're familiar with the basics, consult the list of API Methods to find the best ones that meet your specific needs.


Introduction to Our API – Get started with an overview of how to use Empower's API.

Authentication – A description of how to authenticate with Empower's API framework and where to obtain your client-specific secret key

Calling An API Method – Details on how to call an API method and submit arguments

Error Reporting – Overview of error responses

Responses From An API Method Call – Details about the different standard API responses.

Smarty Framework for Personalized Transactional Messages – How to implement personalized transactional messages using the Smarty framework

Whitelisting your System's IP Address – Whitelisting your system's IP address

API Methods

Account Configuration

account.addCategory – Create a new category

account.addCustomField – Creates a new custom field for the subscriber's profile record

account.addRelationalTable – Create a Relational Table to be used for dynamic content

account.addStaticSegment – Creates a new static segment

account.alterRelationalTableColumn – Allows you to alter a Relational Table column format

account.getCategories – Returns a collection of all categories created for your account.

account.getCustomFields – Returns a collection of all custom fields created for your account.

account.getDynamicSegments – Returns a collection of all dynamic segments created for your account.

account.getRelationalTables – Returns Relational Table data

account.getStaticSegments – Returns a collection of all static segments created for your account.

account.importRelationalTableData – Uploads records into a specified relational table

account.removeCategory – Delete a category

account.removeCustomField – Delete a custom field

account.removeRelationalTable – Delete a Relational Table

account.removeStaticSegment – Delete a static segment

account.updateCategory – Update the name of an existing category

account.updateCustomField – Update the characteristics of an existing custom field.

account.updateStaticSegment – Update the characteristics of an existing static segment

Promotional Messaging

legacy.add_segment – Create a new static segment, or add a list of contacts to a list of static segments

legacy.bulk_sync – Import a data file to add or update large numbers of subscriber contact records

legacy.delete_subscribers – Delete subscriber contact records without explicitly opt-ing out

legacy.group_clear – Remove all contacts from a static segment and optionally delete the segment itself.

legacy.group_rename – Rename a static segment

legacy.manage_subscriber – Add a new subscriber or update a subscriber record

legacy.message_stats – Retrieve message delivery and response metrics

legacy.retrieve_active – Retrieve information on active subscribers

legacy.retrieve_dynamic – Retrieve information on subscribers within a specified dynamic segment

legacy.retrieve_segment – Returns all the static segments and categories for the client's account

legacy.retrieve_unsub – Retrieve a list of unsubscribed contacts

legacy.send_campaign – Send a message to a list of recipients

message.getWelcomeMessages – Retrieves descriptive information about all welcome messages created in the account

welcome.messageStats – Retrieve message delivery and response metrics for welcome messages

Transactional Messaging

transactional.bouncedList – Retrieves a list of bounce codes for a specific email.

transactional.getMessageContactActivity – Asynchronously retrieve message recipient response data for any given transactional message.

transactional.insertTemplate – Creates a new template

transactional.listTemplates – Retrieves a list of all templates in the client's account along with associated information

transactional.rebuildTemplate – Promotes a draft template to a live one

transactional.sendTest – Sends a test transactional message

transactional.sendTransaction – Send a transactional message

transactional.updateTemplate – Updates a template that has already been created

transactional.sendOkInboxMonitor – Requests an Inbox Monitor test for transactional messaging

transactional.testDesignPreview – Requests an Inbox Preview test for transactional messaging

transactional.messageStats – Retrieve message delivery and response metrics for transactional messages

Coupon Distribution

Conversion Tracking

conversion.track – Submit web site conversions originating from email click-throughs back to the platform

roi.insert – Insert e-commerce conversion data associated with the click through from a link within an email

Subscriber Responses