Once an updated template passes testing and is ready to replace the live version of the template, you can use this method. Rebuilding the template overwrites all the information of the live version with the information in the test version.


Field Description Field Type Required Example
template_id The template ID number of the one you wish to promote from test to live number Yes 1055589
binding This parameter is used to specify a specific IP address binding to be used for a transactional message template. Contact your Account Manager to find out which bindings are available for you to use. string No echo


Field Description Example
template_id The Template ID number of the one you just updated. It will be identical to the Template ID number provided in the POST 10555589

Response Codes

responseCode responseText responseData Description
203 Template ID [template_id] cache has been rebuild The transactional message template has been successfully refreshed.
428 Missing variables <missing_vars>template_id</missing_vars> Missing <template_id> element or blank value is POSTed
429 Invalid Template ID Value for <template_id> does not exist in the client's database.
444 Invalid binding value Binding is not assigned to the client
446 No XML data passed XML elements were not included in the API method call
448 Invalid or Inactive Template ID The Template ID provided in the input parameter is either invalid or inactive

Example Post





Example Response




<responseText>Template ID 1055589 cache has been rebuilt</responseText>






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