3rd Party Integration This setting is available only if the client account is enabled for integration either with SalesForce.com or with SeeWhy (which uses the Real-Time Triggered Messaging platform for real-time cart abandonment emails).

Whitelisting Your System's IP Address

All external systems connecting to eMS Enterprise with their own API Key and Shared Secret pair (a.k.a. "API User") must have their IP addresses whitelisted with the platform in order to successfully make a method call. This also means that if you created have more than one API User, each will need to include the whitelisted IP addresses in their respective profiles. It is possible for the same IP address(es) to be listed in the API IP Whitelist section of two or more API User profiles.

To whitelist an IP address or a range of addresses, log in to eMS Enterprise as an Admin user and then navigate to Administration > API Settings > Manage API Users. Next, select the API User representing the API Key and Shared Secret pair that your system will be using to access eMS Enterprise.

In the API IP Whitelist section, enter the IP addresses of your systems that you want eMS Enterprise to whitelist. You can enter individual addresses or a range of addresses. eMS Enterprise supports the following notation for IP address ranges:


IP addresses associated with the standard 3rd party integrations listed above are automatically whitelisted and will be reflected in this section.

API calls made with an IP address that has not been whitelisted
will return the following error:




<responseText><![CDATA[Invalid Request IP: Please add request_ip to

the API Whitelist in your account. (Account -> Edit Account: API Tab)]]></responseText>









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