Use this method to quickly validate an email address, or optionally, a domain.


Field Description Field Type Required Example
email The email address to be validated string Yes jsmith@example.com
domain_only A boolean value that if set to 1 requests just that the domain of the email address be validated boolean No 1
mx_check A boolean value that if set to 1 requests that the MX record of the email address' domain be validated boolean No 1


Field Description Example
valid A boolean value indicating if the email address (or domain) is valid 0 – invalid
1 – valid
email The email address that has been validated; it will be the same as the one passed in the POST jsmith@example.com

Response Codes

Error Condition responseText responseData
Missing <email> element or blank value is POSTed Missing variables <missing_vars>email</missing_vars>
The email address being checked is not a valid one Invalid <valid>0</valid>
<email>{the email address being checked}</email>

Example Post






Example Response




<responseText>Valid: MX Records found for this domain</responseText>








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